♥ Welcome to my Web Station ♥

Hello, I am Tan (昙). ♥This is a compilation of my interests and creations.Feel free to listen to the music track on the left as you browse.Thank you for coming. ♥I hope I see you again someday.

♥ My interests ♥

I am a vast soul.I often talk about... scientific advancements, transhumanism, anime, manga, philosophy, photoshop, fotografi, cooking, maybe baking, NO ideology (it is a trashcan im sorry)I'd like to know... how to be happy?I am currently interested in... going outside more, watching movies and more anime.

♥ My Projects ♥

  • Valley - Short Interactive Narrative, made in Sugarcube Twine. Password: ART119

  • Fairharvest - Skyrim Mod. Adds a walking house to Skyrim that can be used as a home. Comes with a short, voiced questline. Ctrl + - for secret. (Unpublished)

  • Congkak - Skyrim Mod. Adds a Congkak minigame to Skyrim. Available in most taverns. (Unpublished)

  • Freeholds - Skyrim Mod. Reimagining of Swindler's Den location as a neutral bandit organization. Features altered and new quests as well as AI voiced characters. (Unpublished)

  • Garryanalyzer - ImageJ Plugin. Identifies Garryana and Robur leaf images. Tutorial included. (Unpublished)

  • Cartilage Reshaping Device - Project about recreating a device based on literature to offer an affordable way to reshape cartilage. (Work in Progress)

  • Automated Microscope Attachment - Motorized two-dimensional scanning attachment, meant as a low-cost upgrade for Olympus CX41 Microscopes. (Drafting stage)

  • The Overshirt - Short Art Film about motion.

  • Voices of the Canyon - PDF of a Fern interview, conducted with Arduino and Max8, interpreted with added generative images.

  • Rüya Ağı - Narrative Game made in Mozilla Spoke. Based on some of my dreams.
    To play, click 'Create a new room with this scene' and skip the other steps.

  • Yoltas - Narrative Game made in Godot (Work in Progress)

  • Graphic Design Archive - Mainly posters I've made.

You want to contact me?

Reaching out: If you would like to get in contact with me, then you may contact tan5004 on discord.

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